Familiarity of Solitaire League

Solitaire League is a trump card game which is based on Spider Rule of Solitaire game which has been loved by lots of people for long time.
The game is simple. Players should place 52 cards, except for Joker, in a sequential order, but they need to make various and rational judgments based on the order and the placements of the cards.


Players choose and play from 3 different modes

Players can enjoy up to 3 models in Solitaire League.
First, the beginners who start to play Solitaire League for the first time do not have to worry.
They will learn all the rules of Solitaire League easily by playing ‘Mission! Solitaire’.
In ‘Battle! Time Attach League’, Players are able to compete with their friends in KAKAO TALK. And finally, in ‘High Score League’, all players will be given the same cards and the person who earns the most points will be ranked higher.