TBS Type Battle System, Playes can use up to 3 characters

Black Citadel is a turn based strategic game, which players can use up to 3 characters to attack the monsters that threaten to destroy the castle. Diverse and strategic battles are possible by using various combinations of characters that have different jobs and skills.
Players will be able to play and choose among various modes including Scenario Stage, which is progresses through scenario, Regular Stage, and Raid Stage which can be played at specified times in a day.


Attractive Characters will use diverse skills

There are many types of characters in Black Citadel.
The colorful illustrations for these characters are must-see and players will definitely love these characters.
While progressing through the scenario, players of Black Citadel will recruit new characters and they will find new enjoyment of Simulation RPG by leveling up these characters.

Customization and Enhancement to become stronger

The characters that will engage in battles should equip lots of equipments to win the battle. If you want to make your characters more strong, customize new equipments or enhance the equipments in stock for upgrades.

Achievements and Ranking System

Black Citadel will not end by enjoying alone.
Players will be able to compete with other players using Ranking system and they can build connection with other players by using Community Ranking.

As players play through the game, lots of diverse Achievement quests will be given to players.
We want players to achieve new objectives in the game by playing these quests, receive rewards and accumulate Achievements.