Multi Character Control system - MCC

In 'Granado Espada', there is a feature called MCC (Multi-Character Control) system which you can control up to 3 characters at the same time. In MCC system, you can control 3 different classes of characters to play the game with various skills and it is also possible to organize a team with 3 same classes of characters to concentrate their forces. It is also possible to play the game with just one character and in this case, all of the EXP points will be collected to that one character and therefore the character will be able to reach higher level faster than playing with 3 characters.

Make your own home place - Barrack mode

At the beginning of the adventure to the new continent of 'Granado Espada', you will meet Barrack mode. At Barrack, you can create different characters and reorganize your 'Team' with new companions that you will meet during your adventure.

More friends and more adventure - Companion character

In the new continent of 'Granado Espada', you will meet with lots of NPCs and each one of them will have unique abilities. To recruit them, you will have to respond to their various requests and some of those requests may not be easy. However, after recruiting those NPCs, you will realize that fulfilling their requests really paid off.